National SUSK Congress 2021

Join SUSK online for the 2021 SUSK National Congress!

The SUSK National Executive would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to attend the 67th National SUSK Congress. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and develop leadership and functional skills and to network and socialize with Ukrainian students from across Canada in a virtual setting.

We have all had to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of the usual Congress experience of travelling and seeing speakers over a three day period, SUSK’s 2021 Congress will be held online to ensure delegates and observers safety. Congress will be slightly shorter because we know you are all sick of sitting on Zoom all day!

Upon much deliberation by the SUSK Board of Executive, the content of the Congress will be delivered online via a combination of Zoom and other platforms. The official dates of the Congress are from Thursday, August 26th, 2021 to Sunday, August 29th, 2021.

Executive Reports

Find out what our Board Members from the past year have been up to, and why you might want to apply for a position on the 2021-22 team here.

USO Membership

SUSK has been in contact with USOs across the country to establish membership. If you are not aware if your USO has received information regarding membership or if your USO has registered and paid, please check your USO email or contact your USO President. When registering as a member, the USO President must report the membership within the USO and pay a membership fee of $1 per USO member.


A combined and discounted registration for both Sweat with SUSK and SUSK’s 67th Annual Congress will open April 19th, 2021. If you are a USO member as of the 2020 – 2021 school year, please register as a delegate. Otherwise, please register as an observer. The early, combined registration fee for this year’s Congress is $30, while the regular Congress registration fee for this year is $35.

Please register for Congress by filling out BOTH the Google form found here and the Eventbrite page found here.


Each USO has an allotted number of voters able to participate in the election for the 2021-2022 Board of Directors which can be fewer than the USOs number of delegates. The number is based on the following calculation: 3+n/20, where n=USO membership.

Your USO President should provide a list of voter names by August 25th, 2021. You may only cast a vote if you are a delegate and if your name was provided to SUSK by your USO President.

Running for Executive Positions

In order to run as a candidate, you must be registered at Congress as a delegate. You do not need to be listed as a voter on behalf of your USO to run. The application will consist of: a 1 minute speech at Congress that explains why you should be voted into that position, a 30 – 45 second speech by your supporter that describes why you would be a good choice for that position, and a quick Google form that will be sent to all Congress attendees.