National SUSK Congress 2020

Join SUSK online for the 66th National Congress!

The SUSK National Executive would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to attend the 66th National SUSK Congress. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and develop leadership and functional skills and to network and socialize with Ukrainian students from across Canada in a virtual setting.

Many things are changing this year, and SUSK’s Annual Congress is one of them. Instead of the usual Congress experience of travelling and seeing speakers in the span of a weekend, the 2020 Congress will be held online in a non-traditional and loosely-structured format to allow delegates and observers safety and flexibility. 

Upon much deliberation by the SUSK Board of Executive, the content of the Congress will be delivered mainly via YouTube on SUSK’s official YouTube channel. The official dates of the Congress are from Friday, August 7th to Sunday, August 9th, but attendees will be able to view applicant videos, speaker interviews, and USO presentations online in Playlists in the days leading up to Congress and after Congress has concluded. Thus, the resources can be watched and re-watched to one’s desire, proving more useful than ever for USO growth and for personal learning. 

USO Membership

SUSK has been in contact with USOs across the country to establish membership. If you are not aware if your USO has received information regarding membership or if your USO has registered and paid, please check your USO email or contact your USO President. When registering as a member, the USO President must report the membership within the USO and pay a membership fee of $1 per USO member. 


You can register for SUSK’s 66th Annual Congress here. We allot each USO a certain amount of delegates; if the number of those attending exceeds the allotted amount, additional USO members can register as observers. The fee for this year’s congress is $5.

Click here for the Eventbrite page.


Each USO has an allotted number of voters able to participate in the election for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors which is fewer than the USOs number of delegates. The number is based on the following calculation: 3+n/20, where n=USO membership. 

Your USO President should provide a list of voter names prior to August 7th. You may only cast a vote if you are a delegate and if your name was provided to SUSK by your USO President. 

Running for Executive Positions

In order to run as a candidate, you must be registered at Congress as a delegate. You do not need to be listed as a voter on behalf of your USO to run. The application will consist of a Google Form and a short video that will be posted on SUSK’s YouTube channel. Applications will open July 3rd.