Alumni Director

The Alumni Director:

  1. Is responsible to organize and maintain liaison with Ukrainian Canadian Students’  Union alumni; including
    • Reaching and maintaining fundraising goals for the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union Endowment Fund;
    • Maintaining the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union reputation of creating leaders by collecting positive testimonials from alumni;
    • Facilitating online networking connections via Linkedin between alumni and current members of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union; 
    • Planning alumni events that highlight our appreciation for SUSK Endowment Fund donors and potential donors, SUSK alumni, and student club alumni;
    • Managing donor relations including providing updated reports on an annual basis to all our donors. 
  2. Is responsible for the maintenance of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union archive, including the past membership list; 
  3. Is responsible for connecting with Ukrainian faculty and facilitating connections to USOs at respective post-secondary institutions;
  4. Is responsible for putting together the “Alumni Successes” series on a monthly basis

The Alumni Director for 2023-24: