External Relations Director

The External Relations Director:

    1. Is responsible for the management and maintenance of communication with all Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian Organisations;
    2. Is responsible for creating and maintaining contact between Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian students;
      • Including but not limited to the Speed-Dating Initiative;
    3. Is responsible to ensure that each member organisation is aware of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Unions’ activities;
    4. Is responsible to ensure that a representative and/or greeting is dispatched to other organisations’ national congress/convention(s) as directed by the board; 
    5. Is responsible for maintaining liaison with the community and its activities;
    6. Is responsible to maintain contact with all levels of government;
    7. Is responsible for coordinating all actions and activities with the Ukrainian  community and other Organisations;
    8. Is responsible for initiating, encouraging, and coordinating social and cultural activities geared to all non-Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union Member Organisations; including
      • Working with USOs to host networking events and advocacy campaigns such as but not limited to UCPBF Networking Nights;
      • Advocating for the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union presence and reach in the Ukrainian community;
    9. Is responsible for compiling an access list of resource people in the press, media and/or community, and; 
    10. Is responsible to provide information about the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union and its activities to students attending High Schools, Universities and other post-secondary institutions in Canada; including
      • Collaborating on projects including but not limited to the High School Guidebook.

The External Relations Director for 2023-24: