Inclusion & Diversity Officer

Inclusion & Diversity Officer:

The Inclusion and Diversity Director is responsible for leading SUSK’s active commitment to the principles of equity, respect, and fairness. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring SUSK and its member organizations adhere and promote equal opportunity and nondiscrimination. The Inclusion and Diversity Director shall:
  1. Ensure the aims of the Equity: Commitment and Action Policy are incorporated into the organization to the best of our abilities;
  2. Assist in increasing the accessibility of SUSK’s content, projects, and events; 
  3. Lead and support the Advocacy Committee by:
    a)  initiating outreach to a variety of organizations including, but not limited to, Ukrainian organizations, non-Ukrainian organizations, civil liberty groups, academic institutions etc.
    b)  running initiatives that work to increase inclusion; 
  4. Provide support to SUSK and its member organizations in relation to equity-seeking initiatives and inquiries.

The Inclusion & Diversity Officer for 2023-24: