Project Director

The Project Director:

  1. Is responsible for coordinating special Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union Projects; including such projects as:
      • The High School Guidebook;
      • Planning SUSK’s Annual Congress;
      • Taking part in the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union Summer Student hiring process;
    1. Is responsible for ensuring that members of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union board, and Committees of the board are informed of all Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union projects;
    2. Is responsible for facilitating and running the SUSK Connect Project; including: 
      • Constantly reaching out to individuals and organizations to continue to build the database of professionals for SUSK Connect; 
      • Coordinating events to ensure Students are aware and educated on how this resource can help them succeed;
      • Website maintenance, including working with developers, addressing any bugs and improving the platform;
      • Looking for new ways to involve professionals to ensure they stay committed to be involved in SUSK Connect;
      • Looking for new ways to utilise the database to ensure we are helping our members get the most value out of SUSK Connect.

The Project Director for 2023-24: