The Secretary:

    1. Is responsible for the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union board meeting minutes; including
      • Making the minutes available to all Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union member organizations if requested;
      • Appointing a Board member to take minutes in the Secretary’s absence;
    2. Is responsible for keeping and maintaining an accurate and up-to-date membership list for Member Organizations (USOs) and their memberships;
    3. Is responsible for maintaining contact with all members of the Board of Directors; including
      • Informing Board members of all meetings with the assistance of the President;
      • Informing Board members absent from meeting of all important decisions made in their absence;
    4. May also take on the following responsibilities:
      • Participating in various subcommittees, including but not limited to
        • Annual Congress Committee
        • Advocacy Committee
      • Participating in various projects being undertaken by other members of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union.

The Secretary for 2023-24: