“Student” Editor

The “Student” Editor:

  1. Is responsible for the following of the “Student” publication:
    1. Proposing themes to the Board of Directors for upcoming issues;
    2. Collecting articles for each issue;
    3. Compiling and coordinating each issue;
    4. Updating the style of the publication as required;
    5. Making each issue publicly available;
    6. Adding issues to the online archives. 
  1. Is responsible for overseeing and executing SUSK’s bi-weekly blog posts:
    1. Organizing a schedule for each blog post (at least one written by every board member)
    2. Informing each writer about their deadlines two weeks in advance and following up with them accordingly;
    3. Editing the blog posts as they come in for grammar and Canadian Press style;
    4. Ensuring that a photo is included with the submission;
    5. Publishing the blog posts onto the SUSK website and sharing the post on social media.
  1. Is responsible for the following of the “Student Voice” podcast:
    1. Coming up with themes/topics of discussion for each monthly episode;
    2. Finding and interviewing an expert voice on the topic at hand;
    3. Writing a script for the podcast episode (between 5 and 20 minutes in length);
    4. Recording the interview and the podcast episode;
    5. Editing and publishing the podcast to anchor.fm and the SUSK website, as well as sharing it on social media.

The Student Editor for 2023-24: