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For decades, SUSK has gathered and honed strong Ukrainian leaders across the country. These leaders have immeasurably contributed back to their communities, both Ukrainian and beyond. The National SUSK Board of Directors elects a new cycle of talented students from across the country each year.


Learn more about our positions and their descriptions below, as well as the testimonials from previous board members, detailing their experience from being on the team!

2023-24 Executive Team



I got involved with SUSK this year because I wanted to make strong connections with fellow Ukrainians across Canada. Being Project Director provided me with an amazing opportunity to represent my wonderful local Ukrainian community in Saskatoon.  – Connor Moen, Project Director, (2015/2016)


Vice-President External is one of the positions on the SUSK Executive that can be shaped by your interests and passions! In my case, I worked on creating a USO Tool Kit which aims to help you, our student members, successfully run your university student organizations. The kit will be launched at the Congress (stay tuned!).
I have also helped with organizing this year’s congress in Saskatoon, which has been a very exciting and challenging job. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you at the Congress in May!
In addition, I have worked on Ukrainian Youth section of the SUSK Position Paper, which is a document SUSK issues each year to reflects its position on various Ukraine-related issue.
So, as you can see, the position of a VP-External can really be what you make it to be! As long as you are working towards developing and strengthening Ukrainian-Canadian student community in whatever way suits you best.
I encourage you to apply for a SUSK executive position at this year’s Congress. I promise you will be signing up for a lot of fun experiences, personal growth and new friendships! – Darya Naumova, External Director, (2015/2016)


I found that there were endless benefits to being involved with SUSK. I was able to gain professional experience serving on a board of directors, network with professionals, travel across the country, and make life-long friendships. When I moved from Saskatoon to Edmonton, the only connections I had were those I had made through SUSK. They helped me navigate my new city and introduced me to the local community. Being involved in the Ukrainian community has provided me with many opportunities throughout my life. Serving on the SUSK Board gave me the opportunity to give back to our community through leadership and activism. The experiences I had and the people I met through SUSK continue to enrich my life both personally and professionally. – Ashley Halko-Addley, Alumni Director (2016/2017, 2018/2019), Internal Relations Director (2017/2018).